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Thread: Other cdma byod carriers besides Page plus

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    Other cdma byod carriers besides Page plus

    Byod is a big thing for me and probably others. Here are a short list of regional cdma unlimited prepaid carriers that allow byod. Note, many of them have roaming agreements to extend their coverage.

    Revol. (Ohio)
    Pocket. (Texas. Merged with Cricket)
    Blue Wireless. (NewYork, Pennsylvania)
    Mobi PCS (Hawaii).
    NTelos/Frawg (Virginia/The South)

    Cricket. (National)
    Metro PCS.(National).

    All of them offer at least some byod. They allow other cdma phones from non related/affiliated carriers to be flashed to their networks.

    Most of their roaming is on Sprint, Cricket, Metro and other cdma independents. Some may roam on Verizon. Almost all offer unlimited only plans.
    Except for out of local areas, you can almost guarantee that these regionals are all TRUE UNLIMITED in their home calling areas. That offsets their smaller coverage areas.
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