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Thread: Android phone, Verizon, to use with SquareUp

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    Android phone, Verizon, to use with SquareUp

    Advice please - Android phone and cell phone plan.

    Infrequent phone user needs an Android cell phone (or Apple) to use SquareUp to take credit cards while selling at farmers market. I am a vegetable and poultry farmer, so will likely scratch/lose/drop in puddle/get dirt in it, hard as I try not to, so don't want to spend $250. I would like to use voice recognition to enter data in spreadsheets and/or Word docs, to keep dirty fingers off. There is also a farm mgt cloud software coming online later this year that sounds great, except it will mean data usage. I would turn it on briefly to enter a harvest weight, note planting number/date/location, time spent on a task, etc - short usage. Maybe take a photo of something strange. I do NOT anticipate watching videos, video messaging, playing games, checking email, etc. I might make a short Facebook/Twitter entry on market days, but wouldn't be checking them on the phone frequently. Screen visibility in bright daylight is VERY important. Will communicate with employees via cell phone, and they use texting more than voice. One of the markets I go to has WiFi, two don't. I DO want an MP3 player.

    Which reminds me - dumb question - I have an HP Pavilion dv9810 notebook. It has a "Wireless" switch on the front. Is that WiFi??

    I am not in the Sprint data area, so Page Plus looks like least expensive plan for limited use. We have a Tracfone now, since finally getting coverage last year, but have buying the least refills, have many more minutes than we use.

    SquareUp has a list of phones it has tested successfully. They include the LG Ally and Droids. Another farmer on a listserv turned me on the PagePlus, and uses/likes his Ally. Says it costs about 8 cents to do a credit card transaction. He has $29.95 plan, but their second phone is pay as you go Standard plan and says for them that is the more economical plan.

    So, I have spent over an hour looking through the forums and found a few posts with very good information for me after I have the phone. But, kitty tech support suggested I talk with ya'll about data usage expectations, phones, etc. I see there is an Administrator who sells phones, but don't know how to contact him??

    Thanks for your patience with such a long post.

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    I can tell you I have personally used the following phones successfully with square.

    Droid 1
    Droid 2
    Droid Eris
    Droid X
    Samsung Fascinate

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    You could also use a mifi from vzw with a smartphone on ppc.
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    Not in ATT, TMobile, Sprint coverage area

    Thank you. I think my main questions are:
    use as a PDA - entry into spreadsheets, preferably with voice
    viewing in bright daylight
    limiting data use

    We currently have the base landline service where we pay for each call, $20/month. We got Tracfones but use them so little that we keep accumulating minutes. In other words, we are not chatty cathies.

    Having been on a $20/month phone plan (plus paying for cable for the internet which I use a lot - mostly email, info searching, business and hobby listservs), I cringe at $35/month contracts for a cell phone. My main use is 4 months during the summer.

    I appreciate the advice that Page Plus is expensive for data, but if I only use it for NOAA weather radio when stormy, turning on to take a credit card, making a quick Facebook orTwitter update, I should use less than $35/month. Yes, I am sure I will be tempted to use it more, but if I do, then i can upgrade to a plan.

    Virgin Mobile had a data plan that looked great, but they use the Sprint network, and there is no voice/data/any coverage within a couple miles of us (we have friends on Sprint so they've tried). ATT can mostly get voice coverage, good text, supposedly can get EDGE according to their map, but not mobile broadband.

    So it is Verizon affiliates I have to look at, and devices that will work on with that. I will look into the MiFi, but I really don't want a $35/month plan unless I can drop my home cable coverage. That would require a good unlimited plan. I don't play online games, watch movies, etc, but I am on a "lot" (by my standards) - update our blog, update Facebook, check news, check email, research info, etc.

    So I am looking for advice on a PDA, viewable in bright daylight, and fairly easy to turn all background data usage off, and just turn data on and off as needed. There were a couple good forum posts that gave advice on turning data off, though "rooting" is a new term to me and I hope to avoid it. And the devices should be among those listed as approved on the website - Ally, droids, Fascinate, etc.

    At this point, it seems the only drawback to the Ally is that since it is a slider I can't get a military grade waterproof case (though I'd have to take it off to access the audio jack for Square). And it is not as fast as some newer phones.

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    recap - beginner question

    So, if I stick with PagePlus, and sign up for the $12/year Hopke proxy server, do I still pay PagePlus for each MB of webaccess through Hopke? Can I use WAP to circumvent data plan limits?

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    Just so you know I took some of your advice - going for an IPhone 3GS. Will go with ATT Pay as You Go Simple Plan, 10 cents/minute talk (same as Tracfone with double minutes), use a software for texting with text package. and buy a data package.

    Now to find one. Will pay more than I wanted, but heck, DH buys what he wants without agonizing.
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    Personally, I think security is alittle weak on cellphone - I know it is a big things. The crooks just haven't come yet. Just be aware of this and keep track of your


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    Quote Originally Posted by bspa View Post
    Just so you know I took some of your advice - going for an IPhone 3GS. Will go with ATT Pay as You Go Simple Plan, 10 cents/minute talk (same as Tracfone with double minutes), use a software for texting with text package. and buy a data package.

    Now to find one. Will pay more than I wanted, but heck, DH buys what he wants without agonizing.
    The way you say this I am not sure you are aware that their extra charge for iPhone data is a re-occuring monthly charge.

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