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Thread: Pageplus Voicemail downloadable?

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    Pageplus Voicemail downloadable?

    Anyone know if there's a way to download Pageplus voicemail as an audio file to save specific messages? I don't see anything on their website. Verizon is the backbone of the service but I've never used their voicemail system prior to my PP phone, so I don't know if they offer that service or not. I can do this on my other phone lines.

    If it's possible, how do I go about it? Thanks, Markus

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    Google Voice lets you download an audio file.

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    Is Google Voice the best way? How could I get the audio from the PP voicemail to Google Voice? Seems like I'd have to play the messages over the speakerphone into my Google Voice voicemail and that's no different than putting them on an analog tape recorder and then creating an audio file with Audacity and saving it. Lot's of work. Hope there's an easier way to just download the file directly from PP or Verizon.

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    Doesn't work that way. You would be using Google Voice instead of PP Voicemail.

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    Google voice works if you are starting from scratch. But if the message you want is already on P+ answering machine and you desperately
    want it, then ...

    You can use webcaptel (caption service for hard-of-hearing).

    - sign up for webcaptel

    - enter two # on webcaptel. Have it call a remote # first, then to dial your cellphone
    - login with your PIN #
    - play the message and let the captionist types (CART - computer aid recognition t???) the message
    - hang up both your cellphone and on the webcaptel
    - copy and paste the text you want. It will be filled with error. but you can fix it up.


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