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Thread: Review of Spot Mobile

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    Review of Spot Mobile

    I experimented with service from Spot Mobile for the purpose of writing a review of it on another forum, so I am posting some info here, too.

    The Spot Mobile website can be found at:

    I ordered the SIM and a $5 airtime card on March 22. They arrived at my door on March 25 via UPS. I went through the online activation process and it worked flawlessly. It took less than five minutes. I was given a local number based on my Zip Code. I have tried the SIM in several phones. I found that it only works in unlocked phones. It would not work in phones locked to either T-Mobile or AT&T. I discovered that call forwarding works. The call forwarding can be conditional or unconditional. I successfully made a call and received a call. I successfully sent and received a text message. I tried to send a picture message from a Nokia 6133 and that did not work.

    I set up the online account management with no problems. It tells me my balance and expiration date, but there is no calling log info.

    I tried the SIM in a locked AT&T Nokia 6555 and it would not work. I also tried it in a locked T-Mobile Nokia 6030 and it would not work there, either. It only works in unlocked phones. I have tried it in several unlocked phones with no problems.

    Spot Mobile works on both T-Mobile and AT&T. I don't know how it decides which. The SIM does not allow the user to choose one or the other from the menu the way some GSM services do.

    I noticed this on the FAQ on the website: Q: What if I travel outside my area code?
    Answer: "Higher airtime rates apply when calls are placed from 'Roaming' areas with all our latest phones & cell plans." There is no coverage map on the website, so I called customer service and asked where the phone would work. They told me to consult T-Mobile and AT&T coverage maps and that if at least one of them works, my Spot Mobile phone would work. The website info conflicts somewhat with what CS told me. Hopefully, CS is correct.

    I have also discovered that the voicemail is optional. I have not activated it and it allows the phone to ring for a very long time. I like that.

    I am becoming convinced that this Spot Mobile service is a good alternative for a GSM prepaid. It is true that T-Mobile prepaid has a lower annual cost, after spending $100, but $20/year with Spot is still a good value and it may be our best choice for a GSM prepaid after (and if) AT&T is successful with their buyout.

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    Thanks for the review! Never heard of Spot Mobile, till now.

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    Update to this review: Spot Mobile no longer works on AT&T towers. It works on T-Mobile and some regional providers.

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