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Thread: email received from with MMS picture message

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    email received from with MMS picture message

    It took a little while for me to realize that my pixi only got picture messages when data usage was switched on. (I didn't get very many, at all.) The other day, my son sent me a mms picture from his Blackberry Tour (also on PPC). Even though I had data turned on my pixi, I never got the message.
    I did get an email from his with the mms, message and picture.

    I got the email in my yahoo account when he sent it before I turned data on, and I got another one when he resent it well after I had turned data on.

    I'm not complaining..I'm just curious. Has anyone had this experience?

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    Never heard of this. If this creates a mechanism to effectively get an MMS without having data turned on, I'll all ears/eyes...

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    Strange. I can't duplicate it.
    I had my son send me the same picture from the same phone with my data turned off. No message received on my pixi (of course) and no email either.
    Then, I turned data on and had him send the picture message again. It arrived on my pixi but no email. We tried a couple more email.
    The only difference was that he was located right next to me during these tests. When I got the emails, he was 300 miles away in the sticks, hunting.
    There must a reason.. that I just don't know. Sorry, I thought I was on to something.

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    My guess is that originally your son inadvertently sent the MMS to your Yahoo account entry in his phone book, rather than to your mobile phone number, like in your last test.
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