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Thread: Porting out from PagePlus

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    Porting out from PagePlus

    So I was at TMO today getting my Galaxy S3, rep ask me what my account # and PIN to start the porting process from PagePlus to Tmobile.
    I have no idea...What is my account # with PP, is that my Phone Number?
    And the PIN?

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    Dear Customer,

    I understand you need some information in order to port your number OUT of Page Plus. We will be VERY sad to see you go. If you are porting out a number that we have on our AUTOPAY program, or 120 DAY program, or YEARLY program, please email us the phone number when the port is done so that we can cancel any AUTOPAYS you have with us for that number.

    ALSO, please keep in mind that you WILL forfeit all cash on the account, and any remaining plan time, when the port goes through :-( There is no way to stop this - it is Page Plus Corporate policy, not ours.

    Here is a statistic we'd like to share with you, too: 86% of the people who ported out of Page Plus in 2011 ported back in because they were not happy with the coverage on their new provider! We hope to see you back!

    Here is the information you will need to give to your new provider to port over to them:

    Your old carrier's name is: PAGEPLUS CELLULAR
    Your account number with Page Plus is always your 10 digit phone number.
    Your passcode is always the last 4 digits of your phone number, unless you have changed it.

    You must initiate the port out with your new carrier.

    If you are porting out a number that we have on our REMINDER program, please use this link to remove it:

    REMEMBER - DO NOT forget to tell us if you are porting out a number that is on AutoPay with us so that we can cancel that AutoPay.


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    Thanks Kitty! I'm not on AutoPay.
    I'm sad to leave this fine forum. But I will check in occasionally to see what's happening with PagePlus/Kitty.
    Good Luck with everything!

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